Fri, Apr 27, 2018
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Rendez Board Retaining Coupler

 Item Name    :  
Rendez Board Retaining
 Model    :  
RBRC - G - 486 (For Rendez-
Plank Conform SS280)
        RBRC - AS - 486 (For Rendez-
        Plank Conform AS1577)
 Specification    :  
Size 48.6 MM
Hot Dipped Galvanized
 Application    :  
A device used for fixing a scaffold plank to the bearer (transom) to prevent the plank scaffold moved from it's position

  • High Safety Standard. It hold stronger than wire rope / wire steel.
  • More Economical Because Re-usable. Unlike wire rope / wire steel which tend being cut when dismantling.
  • Easy and Fast Installation


slt brands

Title for NETWAY WEB-23
  • Truck Mounted Crane Division +


  • Breakers & Tools Division +


  • Scaffolding & Safety Division +


  • Technical Support +


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