Sun, Apr 22, 2018
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Hydraulic Breakers - DYB Series

 Item Name    :   Hydraulic Breakers
        DYB Series
 Model    :   DYB
 Products    :   Breakers & Tools
 Brands    :   Dongyang Heavy Industries

Product Details

By maximizing demolition power and durability, DONGYANG breakers will make your working efficiency higher at the construction field.
Harmonized combination of Hydraulic Oil & N2 gas MinimizedInternal Torque for Long Life Expectancy Low Maintenance & Less Components Maximized operating efficency Balanced power-to-weight ratio Environment-friendly system More Impact Power.
A better design that combining efficiency, reliability and serviceability.
  • Unique nitrogen gas-powered piston maximizes hammer efficiency.
  • Bottom tie rod nuts for easier serviceability.
  • Quick-change tol system with single round retainer pin, up to DYB-300.
  • Variety of tool configurations available.
  • Replaceable cylinder bushings for easy, economical rebuild.
  • Tool bushings engineered for quick, easy replacement.
Simplified lubrication for greater reliability.
Greasing port is provided for automatic and/or manual greasingof the demolition tool. This prevents damage or premature wear caused by a lack of grease.
Full serviceability of the industry's easiest, lowest cost, body-rebuild system Hammers aren't meant to have an easy life.They occasionally need to rebuilt.When the hammer body is involved, DONGYANG's replaceable bushing design can reduce your costs by a factor of five to ten.
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